Automatic Discounts Online, think of it as an upfront loyalty discount!

We @ have decided to mix things up, from now on each time you place an order over £50 we’ll give you a discount. Quite simply we want to pass on our bulk savings to our customers…….

This discount is automatically calculated based on the value of your shopping basket, you’ll need to add products to your basket and once it reaches over £50 you will see a discount applied on your total order.

The below image shows an example of the automatic discount being added to your shopping basket just for adding an item/s which is more than £50 to your basket.

discount 1 - Automatic Discount

This also works if you add multiple items to your shopping basket as long as the total is more than £50.

automatic discounts 1 - Automatic Discount

The more you spend the more discount you get! it’s that simple

discounts 1 - Automatic Discount

Plus as an added bonus all sale items also include a special hidden discount, add one or more sale items to your basket to see the discounted price.

Purchase more than £50 (combined) in sale or non sale items and you guessed it, you’ll get an automated discount as shown in your basket.

sale 1 - Automatic Discount

Hopefully, this all makes sense, try adding something to your basket and give it a go :-).